CBD oil has grown into a very popular health supplement therefore it is very important to use both a safe and sustainable supply in order to ensure continuity.

The first step to creating CBD oil involves selecting the plants which will produce the highest yield in order to maintain efficiency in supply. There is also a need to ensure the oil is of the highest standard possible, this means not only selecting the best strain of the species but also the finest quality individual plants.

The next step is to extract as much of the oil as possible from the plant using the hydrocarbon extraction technique. This safely draws the oil from the plant with as little damage to the oil’s composition as possible.

The final stage in obtaining the raw material is the testing of the raw oil to ascertain it’s purity and concentration. By carrying out this testing procedure it can be determined that there are no contaminants and the oil is of the correct strength and purity.

The oil is then ready for dilution with the carrier oil into lower strengths to make various CBD products.