Top 3 New Year’s resolutions of 2019:

1. Eat Healthier
2. Get more exercise
3. Save more money

Three steps that look simple enough, however according to a poll published by Bupa, 43% of Brits fail their set tasks within less than a month! To be more precise, studies show that the second Friday of January is the day where people are most likely to lose motivation and give up; and if you happen to be one of the highly determined few that make it past this point, 80% of people with resolutions usually revert back to their old ways by the end of March!

Being the optimistic bunch that we are, our message is to not be too hard on ourselves; starting a new lifestyle overnight can be challenging, especially when we are faced with the strong appeal of a Netflix binge!

But alas, we bring good news and an encouraging helping hand, as we believe we have a product that is instrumental to the art of focus and balance: Fox CBD oil.

In short, Fox CBD oil is an organically grown food supplement which has proven efficacy in physical and mental balance and wellbeing.

It essentially is there to hold your hand through your everyday stresses and strains. It is easily incorporated into your daily routine, we are literally talking about a couple of drops in the morning with your coffee and you are good to go.

Aside from its ability to help you slide through your day with ease, Fox CBD is being found to improve specific mindfulness triggers (It has been shown to benefit people suffering from anxiety, PTSD and insomnia); but even if your issues aren’t in the chronic category, you can expect a host of other benefits including
better quality sleep and a clear head…. Which may ultimately be the secret to seeing your resolutions all the way through 2019! Tackling the new year one drop at a
time, Fox CBD oil can be your personal coach and support your goal for 2019, whether you need more energy for sticking with your exercise routine, the will to
continue preparing those healthy meals or the mental strength to say ‘no’ to unnecessary spending during the ongoing new year’s sales period.

Fox CBD Oil for New Year