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FOX CBD Oil is an Organically Grown Hemp food supplement that doesn’t contain any substance that will affect your behaviour or sensory perceptions. All of our cannabidiol (CBD) supplements are completely natural, high quality and available in different CBD strengths.

Fox CBD Oil prices start from as little as £18 per 10ml bottle


Name: Skoti Pepper
Occupation: Movement Coach
Reasons: Anxiety, Joint Issues & Recovery.

Skoti Recommends:
3 drops / 3 times per day of 10% Fox CBD

Name: Greg Costello
Hobby: Personal Trainer
Reasons: Anxiety, Depression, Faster Recovery
Greg Recommends:
3 drops, twice a day of 5% Fox CBD

Name: Christopher Ball
Occupation: Commercial Photographer
Reasons: Leg / Joint / Pain, Medication Side Effects
Chris Recommends:
4 drops Morning & Night of 10% Fox CBD

Health Benefits

cbd sleep

Fox CBD Oil helps towards a great nights sleep.

cbd health

Fox CBD Oil has many health benefits.

cbd anxiety

Fox CBD Oil could reduce stress & anxiety.

cbd energy

Fox CBD Oil for increased energy levels.

cbd lifestyle

Fox CBD Oil for an improved lifestyle.

CBD Active

Fox CBD Oil helps you become more active.